Job Title: Protection Assistant (Case Management) Vacancy Notice: VN-99-19-MEX Position Number 99-19
Location: Ciudad de Mexico Position Grade: LICA 4 Closing Date: 2019-08-18
Organizational Context

UNHCR continues to observe an increasing number of asylum claims being submitted by citizens of the Northern Triangle of Northern America in Mexico, including a significant number of people with special protection needs, such as LGBTI persons, unaccompanied and separated children, women at risk and survivors of violence. 

Within this context, UNHCR protection activities consist mainly of: 
(i) providing legal and basic material assistance and information to refugees and asylum-seekers, through local partners and ensuring access to a fair and efficient refugee status determination (RSD) procedure, including for those in detention, 
(ii) promoting livelihoods and local integration and 
(iii) the delivery of training activities to different governmental staff and civil society organisations on basic principles of International Refugee Law, in particular to the Mexican Refugee Commission (COMAR), Migration officials (INM) and the Child Protection Authorites (Procuradurías). 

UNHCR monitors COMAR-led RSD procedures, ensuring the provision of legal aid both in the context of communitybased shelters and within detention facilities. UNHCR also aims at facilitating access to and the timely finalization of RSD procedures. UNHCR regularly visits migration detention facilities, informing those detained on their right to seek asylum in Mexico, and seeking to prevent and respond to instances of refoulement as well as promoting alternatives to detention. 

The office also works closely with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) on diverse issues affecting the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. With the Mexican Child Protection Authorities (Procuradurías) at the federal, state, and municipal levels, UNHCR works to ensure proper protection responses and the systematic implementation of BID procedures on cases involving unaccompanied asylum seeking and refugee children. UNHCR also delivers training activities to both government and civil society agencies on a wide range of issues, including on RSD, basic principles of refugee law, child protection and the prevention and response to instances of SGBV.  

In line with the priorities of Mexico's operational context, UNHCR has begun strengthening the capacities of legal aid providers that serve persons of concern along Mexico's migration routes, including lawyers and newly-incorporated paralegals located in community-based shelters throughout the country. 


Purpose and Scope Assignment

The Protection Assistant normally reports to the Protection Officer or the Senior Protection Officer.  Depending on the structure of the Office, the position may also report to senior national staff. The incumbent provides functional and administrative support to the protection unit on protection related liaison, correspondence, monitoring, case management and reporting activities.    
The Protection Assistant also supports the protection unit in designing a comprehensive protection strategy and in providing quality, timely and effective protection responses to persons of concern. He/she may liaise externally with local authorities and partners on correspondence and/or protection issues as guided by the supervisor. 

The Protection Assistant also facilitates the involvement of persons of concern with the Office in making decisions that affect them, whether in accessing their rights or in identifying appropriate solutions to their problems. To achieve this, the incumbent will need to build and maintain effective interfaces with communities of concern, local authorities and protection and assistance partners. 

  • The protection of populations of concern is met through the application of International and National Law, relevant UN/UNHCR protection standards and IASC principles. 
  • Protection activities are guided by the UNHCR country protection strategy. 
  • The participation of persons of concern is facilitated through supporting participatory, rights and community-based approaches. 


  • Consistently apply International and National Law and applicable UN/UNHCR and IASC policy, standards and codes of conduct. 
  • Observe and respect protection related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 
  • Provide functional and administrative support in all protection related AGD based programming with implementing and operational partners. 
  • Provide functional and administrative support in implementing participatory approaches, needs assessments, monitoring, reporting and case management.  
  • Support assessments on durable solutions through voluntary repatriation, local integration and where appropriate, resettlement. 
  • Facilitate liaison with competent authorities for the issuance of personal and other relevant documents. 
  • Assist in drafting reports, routine correspondence, updating relevant databases and compiling statistics for the protection unit/section. 





  • Select persons of concern for preliminary interviews and decide which relevant information to share. 
  • Enforce integrity in the delivery of protection services by local implementing partners.
Monitoring and Progress Controls:

The benchmarks listed below will enable the UNHCR Representation in Mexico to assess progress made by the incumbent and provide appropriate feedback.

Number of trainings supported for service providers  
Number of cases referred to service providers
Number of visits to immigration detention centres 

Essential Minimum Qualifications and Experience

a. Education
  • Education: Completion of secondary education.
  • Additional training in protection related issues (Law, Social Sciences or similar related fields). 
b. Work Experience
  • Minimum 2 years of previous job experience relevant to the function. 
  • Previous work experience with UN agencies, non-governmental organizations or research networks is an asset. 
  • Previous exposure to thematic fields relating to the asylum system in Mexico is a strong asset

Desirable Qualifications & Competencies



  • Excellent drafting skills in Spanish;good knowledge of both written and oral English. 
  • Ability to work in an international multicultural environment, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability in the face of adverse and sometimes urgent situations affecting asylum seekers and refugees; 
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability con convey complex material in a clear and easy-to-understand manner; 
  • Demonstrated ability to work in stressful, and demanding situations affecting individual cases; 
  • Demonstrated ability of time management, and work organization skills. 
  • MS Office excelent knowledge and management.a. Language Skills: Fluency in English (both oral and writing) is essential. 
Flexibility: The incumbent might be expected to spend a considerable amount of time travelling to project sites where monitoring activities are undertaken. Mission often take place over weekends and request to stay overnight in other locations. Willingness to travel over long period of time and upon short notice is expected.

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